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November 16 2017



me: award shows don’t really mean a thing and should never be taken seriously

me in December when Nier: Automata gets cheated out at TGA for some Western open-world game:

November 11 2017

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it’s finally mine

October 31 2017

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Back to business! This one is a (really) short story I had in mind and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish for Halloween. It’s sketchy but hey, it’s here!

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Marcille reaction images

I would like to contribute


This one isn’t really a face but it’s a great reaction.

October 29 2017

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dat practical armor

I love every aspect of this.

NO you guys don’t understand, the entire book is like this. They tried to cram in all sorts of representation of different races and the art is gorgeous and it’s GREAT! The picture for a spellcaster is a female human who is wearing BAGGY, NON-SEXUALIZED CLOTHING AND NO MAKEUP because she’s in a dungeon, she doesn’t have time to do her hair cmon.

Also this:

*mildly impressed clapping*

this makes me happy

D&D is great.

… this response bothers me because it seems to imply D&D hasn’t had similar things in the past.

I know that 4e had an Asian woman and Caucasian man depicted for their human entry.  There are plenty of examples of artwork not featuring skimpy outfits (and there is nothing wrong with skimpy outfits btw) and as its an RPG, anyone could play any concept for gender and items like sex-swap items existed in D&D for decades.

Geek culture has always been inclusive.  This gaslighting bullshit pisses me off.

For real though

Isn’t the whole point of DnD “You can do it your way”?

Sometimes I think the spirit of imagination and creativity died somewhere in the late 90s.

Im just gonna say this D&D has and will always be diverse, if it wasn’t for you then that’s because you weren’t using your imagination.Honestly the only thing that matters about the books are the rules - everything else is window dressing. 

I mean do I get extra XP special status buffs and other attributes for being black?

Do I get a black damage reduction mechanic and saving throw against “Boondocks nigga moments” ?

Do I get a +8 defense against bill collectors ?

Also dose black spell casting run on melanin instead of Mana and if so can I use coconut oil and shea butter for enhanced damage?

> geek culture is changing

No, fuck you. Geek “culture” has always been for the outcasts of society. It’s always been inclusive. But you normie fucks invaded and decided to banish us from the one place we had, destroying the diversity that was already there.

Your “social justice” has crippled this “culture”. You fuckers just watched a few episodes of Big Bang Theory and decided that was what geek culture was, and felt it was your moral duty to change it.

Everything was fine before these crazies showed up. It was inclusive, diverse, and full of decent people. And there was no need to pander to the identity politics. We were good. And we dealt with our own.

for the love of god, stop gate-keeping and whining about people being happy, you’re embarrassing yourself 

It isn’t gatekeeping.  Stop throwing your fucking buzzwords around.  This shit has been in D&D since the start and people being happy about it just shows they have supremely limited concepts of what D&D is.

Its clear from their reaction that they thought D&D was mostly white characters, with women in skimpy armor, with zero representation of anything other than straight cis people.

That is wrong.  And it paints a false picture of what people’s hobbies are.  And this kind of shit is why we now have people who claim video games, tabletop games and comics have always been racist/sexist/misogynistic right up until they changed it.

It is astroturfing.  And people in the hobby should damn well fight against it.

I’m a lesbian and I have ALWAYS felt accepted in the D&D table, in game stores, when playing video games or playing MtG.  So take your accusations of gatekeeping and stuff it.

This, the OP,  actually illustrates what’s wrong with 5th edition’s art style. The people, male and female, are covered, frumpy, staid and look like “winter is coming”. Static poses and boring art are strewn through the book. 

@thespectacularspider-girl gets it right [as usual] D&D was always ‘play it your way’ but it USED to be unafraid of sexy characters of either gender. Time was when men and women looked good- not to put too fine a point on it, Heroes and Heroines used to be kinda hot. 

Skimpy outfits optional of course. 

Let me explain.. D&D basic.. the box I started with.

Check her out. Full armor indeed. Also she’s cute, has dynamic posing and full of life. 

Wait.. skin tight chainmail? Yea yea I know.. but the male hero also has this 

A little silly but equal at least.

Anyway.. THIS is the 1st Human example in the race/class section [back then they were combined, some races were classes]

Sweet jesus look at her! Hawt, dynamic, powerful heroic and sensual [I don’t mean sexual, just look at this art- it damn near caresses your eyes]

The above is the Halfling and the Elf. The halfling is clearly some pudgy dude.. the elf? Not sure.. so there’s androgyny early on. 

And now three people..

Oh.. now that’s a female elf ^_^ cute isn’t she?

This archer was one of my favorite pics from the book…

There’s more nice art through the book as well..

Art quality aside..

One thing that is missing. Before social justice cancer crept into the hobby, creators were unafraid of a little scantily clad person or even some outright nudity where appropriate. 

Though that did fade out..

But they used to be alble to have this

and this…

Now not as much. That’s not to say D&D art is totally hopeless now..

But it’s not as free as it used to be..

in 3.0 D&D books, the female pronoun was always used as the generic. Any time they were referring to a single indeterminate person, they used ‘she’. Gods have changed gender at a whim since the earliest lore, while mortals used magic items or powerful spells to do the same. And there has never been a mechanical difference between men and women, who were then pretty much equally represented among the heroic and villainous characters in all the stories (though commoners tended toward the gender roles assumed by a pseudo-medieval setting).

As for race, there’s rarely a direct 1:1 with real world ethnic groups (because there is no africa and it’s rare to find an asia or for that matter a europe). But every one of the big name published settings from the early days has depicted a wide variety of humans, each with unique culture. The Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, the judges’ guild’s Wildelands, all showed humanity in a broad spectrum of not just color but social practices and governmental philosophies and spiritual backgrounds and different directions of technological and magical development.

The vast majority of tabletop RPGs have always been more diverse and egalitarian in their canon than pretty much any other form of media. Those few examples which are not (FATAL springs to mind) are universally reviled. But that goes against the narrative that all gamers are greasy, pale, misogynistic neckbeards, so “progressives” ignore everything that’s already there in order to pretend that the shiny new thing that they can take credit for has singlehandedly changed the world.

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I realize very few people will get this, but it just so fucking perfect

Ironically I’ve heard at least one of these was originally based off the author’s D&D campaign.

Not exactly D&D, Runequest, Tunnels and Trolls and Finally Sword World.

Notably, most of the players were SNE employees, which makes sense given what SNE mostly does (make and translate RPGs).

The Slayers was based on the 1980s Basic DnD, then later AD&D.

Lodoss was based on Basic D&D then it’s setting was used as the core campaign setting for Sword World.. While there were Lodoss releases for RQ and T&T, the original anime OVA and the replays they were based on were sessions of D&D.

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October 20 2017

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本日発売のヴァンガードGクランブースター第6弾『混沌と救世の輪舞曲』にて「終末根絶者アヲダヰヱン」描かせて頂きました~ 混沌感マシマシですどうぞ宜しく₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾ http://cf-vanguard.com/   

October 11 2017




October 04 2017

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A recent episode of my show OK KO!, “A Hero’s Fate” is a fully-absorbed finale of my old comic RPG World. RPG World was a comic that I made when I was a teenager(Starting in August 2000). A lot of people ended up liking the comic and I was a little too young to take that fact seriously. I never finished the comic’s story because… I was a flighty teenager and I ended up going to animation school. After a fruitful decade-plus of working in animation, I was thrilled to return to my old characters.

If you were a fan of RPG World, please seek out this episode and watch it! It’s a special treat just for you!

Originally the story wasn’t going to have any specific call-outs to the comic but the storyboard team for the episode, Ryann Shannon and Parker Simmons crafted a narrative around Hero and KO learning to value the people in their lives AND their heroic ambitions.

Ryann created an epilogue to the episode which showed Hero returning to comic form to finish his story. I felt very embarrassed by this but it made so much sense in the story’s context. I leaned into it and using her rough version as a guide, drew the full ending page myself. I rummaged thru my supplies and broke out the same set of pens I used to ink the comic with, and scanned it on my same old scanner. I tried to emulate my coloring style from back then(MAN ALIVE I was SO into gradients)… I used to do the comic three times a week so doing it again was a surreal experience. 

The whole thing has ended up being very cathartic. Knowing that Hero and Cherry will live on in endless worldwide repeats of this episode is mindblowing.

p.s. If this post inspires you to go look up and read RPG World, I pre-emptively apologize for my clumsy and possibly offensive teenage writing and artistic skills. I barely knew what I was doing! I’m shocked that people even liked it!

September 29 2017

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September 21 2017

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Link to full looping animation here

September 19 2017

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September 12 2017

September 05 2017

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A critical hit!

August 18 2017

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Now taking comic commissions!

August 07 2017

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This is just a really little animation of a really little happy bouncing squid :)

Have a nice day !

August 06 2017

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