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October 04 2017

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A recent episode of my show OK KO!, “A Hero’s Fate” is a fully-absorbed finale of my old comic RPG World. RPG World was a comic that I made when I was a teenager(Starting in August 2000). A lot of people ended up liking the comic and I was a little too young to take that fact seriously. I never finished the comic’s story because… I was a flighty teenager and I ended up going to animation school. After a fruitful decade-plus of working in animation, I was thrilled to return to my old characters.

If you were a fan of RPG World, please seek out this episode and watch it! It’s a special treat just for you!

Originally the story wasn’t going to have any specific call-outs to the comic but the storyboard team for the episode, Ryann Shannon and Parker Simmons crafted a narrative around Hero and KO learning to value the people in their lives AND their heroic ambitions.

Ryann created an epilogue to the episode which showed Hero returning to comic form to finish his story. I felt very embarrassed by this but it made so much sense in the story’s context. I leaned into it and using her rough version as a guide, drew the full ending page myself. I rummaged thru my supplies and broke out the same set of pens I used to ink the comic with, and scanned it on my same old scanner. I tried to emulate my coloring style from back then(MAN ALIVE I was SO into gradients)… I used to do the comic three times a week so doing it again was a surreal experience. 

The whole thing has ended up being very cathartic. Knowing that Hero and Cherry will live on in endless worldwide repeats of this episode is mindblowing.

p.s. If this post inspires you to go look up and read RPG World, I pre-emptively apologize for my clumsy and possibly offensive teenage writing and artistic skills. I barely knew what I was doing! I’m shocked that people even liked it!

September 29 2017

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September 21 2017

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Link to full looping animation here

September 19 2017

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September 12 2017

September 05 2017

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A critical hit!

August 18 2017

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Now taking comic commissions!

August 07 2017

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This is just a really little animation of a really little happy bouncing squid :)

Have a nice day !

August 06 2017

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Economical struggle!

Just for the next 10 days, Fasts Sketch at $8 usd, if you want one , just sent a message to this tumblr or an email at call.nomas@gmail.com

August 05 2017

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The octo sisters take over inkopolis


August 03 2017

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July 26 2017

July 24 2017

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Hot 🔥🔥🔥

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July 14 2017

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new splatoon girls look great

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old vs new 

( i like all of them)


July 13 2017

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